Joyful Scholars is the only preschool through elementary school in the valley that provides a traditional Montessori education. In addition, it's the only private school with a focus on bilingual instruction. Students enjoy a low teacher-student ratio, project-based learning, individual instruction, and a host of exceptional learning activities.

Why choose Joyful Scholars Montessori?
Won't it be hard to attend a regular classroom once students have gone through JSM?

Where can I find information about the enrollment process at JSM? 

Though JSM is not a religious organization, its teachers seek to support the faith of the students they serve, and to recognize the importance of addressing issues of faith with care and sincerity. In the tradition of Dr. Maria Montessori, JSM strives to remain neutral in discussions about faith, the existence of God, and the origins of the universe, but encourages students to explore their own families’ beliefs in a respectful way. Students journal about specific questions or themes that arise, and then take their writings home to serve as discussion-points with their families. Students hear that while everyone may not agree on issues of faith, we have a responsibility to exhibit mutual respect. Also, students are encouraged to honor the particular traditions of their families as relates to faith, holidays, etc. 

Parents often wonder how their students will do in a regular classroom after graduating from a Montessori program. Without a doubt, the difference in approach is great, and it takes intentional planning for Montessori students to integrate successfully into traditional schools. Although JSM will expand its scope as far as seems logical, we realize that at some point, students will need training on what it takes to be a successful member of another type of school. During the months preceding a student's graduation from JSM, they will be exposed to the skills necessary to thrive in the culture of their new school, and JSM teachers will work closely with families to find the best fit for their soon-to-be graduate.

How does JSM handle questions of religion and faith?