Kelly Silva, Classroom Assistant
Anni Hisey, Upper Elementary Guide

Upper Elementary

Program Scope and Sequence

"The training of the teacher is something far more than learning ideas. It includes training of character. It is a preparation of the spirit".
​-Maria Montessori

The Upper Elementary class consists of students in years 4-6 of their Montessori elementary education. Building on skills honed during Lower Elementary, students further their explorations in all subject areas, working on projects, group exercises, and individual studies. During the three-year cycle, students are exposed to a rich curriculum comprised of the following subject areas. Not all subjects are taught every year. Instead, students enjoy a cyclical program with each year highlighting various science and social studies focus areas, while doing Language Arts and Mathematics throughout.


  • Matter (Chemistry)
  • Energy (Physics)
  • Scientific Method
  • Technology
  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Health Sciences
  • Microscopic Studies
  • Astronomy
  • Ecology
  • Physical Geography

Social Studies

  • Cultural Geography
  • US History
  • World History
  • Current Events

Language Arts

  • Grammar
  • Composition
  • Spelling
  • Handwriting
  • Typing
  • Literature Studies
  • Drama
  • Debate


  • Individualized and small-group instruction spanning from basic operations to pre-Algebra and various bases

In addition to our core curriculum, music and art appreciation and creation are also offered in various ways. Additionally, P.E. (known to JSM as Wellness Education) is an exciting part of our program. Students learn the fundamentals of outdoor education, running, skiing, ice skating, and much more. Upper elementary takes a two-night backpacking adventure at year's end to culminate their studies! Finally, students are encouraged to participate in various humanitarian projects, dialogue and discuss matters of philosophy and critical thought, and grow in social and moral development. Much emphasis is placed on being the best version of ourselves and developing and practicing empathy.

A typical workday consists of time to complete "dailies" as well as attend and participate in various presentations, group projects, and occasional excursions or visits with experts. Students share tasks to clean and maintain the classroom and tend to the resident "teacher's assistant" Lola the dog, who keeps watch and provides an opportunity for a quick snuggle. Upper Elementary students also help with the Primary and Lower Elementary classroom from time-to-time.