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Joyful Scholars Montessori Adolescent Program (JSMAC) serves grades 7-10. Please find answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Does the Adolescent Program adhere to local, state and federal

academics standards?
State and federal standards are used as tools in creating grade level
appropriate curriculum benchmarks for student comparison. They
are not used as exact guidelines for program content. The framework
and goals for the program are crafted to follow the Montessori
approach to adolescent education and meet or exceed requirements
for students to transition into Running Start.

What kind of curriculum is being used?
Curriculum is integrated (multiple subjects encompassed in one

lesson) and grounded in real world situations and projects. Thematic
STEAM based lessons, student interest led projects and research and
an onsite work opportunity at Radix Farm create lessons that offer a
wide exposure to topics, encourage higher level logic and skill
development, practical skills and independence.
Students progress in mixed age cohorts and subject matter is rotated
Math is completed at individual levels within the scope of curriculum
based upon the work of Montessorian Mike Waski.

What does a daily schedule look like?
 Our schedule varies with the seasons, and with the amount of

community activity- remember, the community is part of our
classroom! Students continue the Montessori precedent of a morning
and afternoon work periods, but with more flexibility than younger
classrooms. A typical work period begins with a presentation of new
material in a designated subject and then time for students to self-
direct work needing to be done.

A sample schedule for a day might be:
Social time, morning meeting
Morning work period Radix farm (practical skills, social skills, science and math)
Lunch, Social time
Afternoon work period History presentation, work time (may include writing,
reading, history, math, science, personal research, etc)

Can my student play sports?
YES! At school we offer a recreation based Wellness program,

however, all JSM students are welcome to play any sports at any of the
schools located in the valley. A sports physical is required and there is
a small fee.

What about socialization?
Learning to socialize appropriately and to understand social and

economic issues are hallmarks of Montessori Adolescent education.
Students are given time to socialize with classmates, younger
classrooms, with community members, and through opportunities
like 4H.

What about subjects outside of the core curriculum like art and music?
 Students are offered electives that include music, art, photography,

physical wellness, cooking, etc.

What about homework?
We typically do not assign homework, however, occasional requests

for older students is possible on occasion. We encourage our students
to pursue time with family and personal interests in their off school

Where will my child go after tenth grade?
‚ÄčStudents are encouraged to attend Running Start at Wenatchee Valley

College. This program allows students to finish their Washington State
High School Diploma and their Associate of Arts degree concurrently
at no tuition cost to parents! Other options for students are
certification programs at Wenatchee Valley Tech Center, or transition
to traditional high school. Tutoring, mentorships, and internships will
also be available at Joyful Scholars to assist students and families as
they achieve their educational goals.

Adolescent Community