$250 + processing fee

Online payment system is processed through Paypal. For this convenience, we add a 3% fee for the processing of online payments.  To avoid the processing fee, payments can also be made at JSM in the payment dropbox located inside the elementary classroom, adjacent to the front door by check or money order to 249 N. Mission, Wenatchee Washington.

To use this online payment system :
1) Click "Add to cart" on each item you'd like to pay for 
2) A Paypal shopping cart screen will open in a separate window. Changes to quantity can be done here
3) When done adding items,  open the Paypal shopping cart screen and check-out

$36 + processing fee

$540 + processing fee

Enrollment Fee - Returning Student

Activity Fee



Full-time Tuition - Monthly

Summer Camp

$150 + processing fee

$375 + processing fee

Pay Online

Full-year payments (with a 5% discount) can be made by arrangement with Ms. Cara. Full-year payments made via Paypal will include a processing fee.

Late Fee

Part-time Tuition - Monthly

Enrollment Fee - New Student

Other Fees

$150 (per week) + processing fee

$100 + processing fee