What Are Tuition Rates and Fees?

  • First time enrollees: $150 per child enrollment fee (returning students: $100) due at enrollment and necessary to secure a spot
  • Once-yearly materials/supplies fee: $250 due August 3
  • Full-time tuition for Kinder-6th: $540/month for 11 months (not July) due the 3rd of each month
  • Part-time tuition for preschool: $375/month for 11 months (not July) due the 3rd of each month
  • Please note that a 5% discount is available for tuition paid in full by August 3

How Does JSM Decide Who Is Enrolled?
Returning students are given priority before enrollment is open to the public. Once the open enrollment period begins (usually March 15), new students are welcomed after the parents have completed an observation (*see below for details) and the faculty has met with the student. Of course, we accept students without regard to race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or national origin. Preference is always given to families who see the value in the 3-year cycle and plan on keeping their child enrolled for all three years of the cycle they are in, whether that be preschool-Kinder (known as Primary), Grades 1-3 (Lower Elementary), Grades 4-6 (Upper Elementary), etc. Especially at the Primary level, we encourage families to recognize the importance of completing Kindergarten as well as the first two years of preschool. This is a foundational year according to Dr. Montessori, and a Primary experience without the crowning jewel of Kindergarten is considered incomplete and the student will not be well-prepared for elementary school. Though we do not at this point require a contract, we do prefer to admit students who are likely to stay with us through Kindergarten, and we hope, all of elementary as well!

What Is the Age Requirement for Preschool /

We accept students beginning at age 3, so long as they are able to use the toilet independently.

Why Don’t Preschoolers/Pre-Kinders Come All Day?
In order to maintain compliance with WA state standards, we are only able to enroll preschoolers for mornings or afternoons, but not both.

How Do I Schedule An Observation?
Using the “contact us” button on our website, let us know who your child is (age, grade, and anything else you would like us to know), where you are from, and whether your child has any previous Montessori experience. We will reply with a few options for your observation (most weekday mornings at 9 (or 9:30). The parent/guardian then comes and completes about 45 minutes of observing without the child. This is so that the adult may truly absorb what our classrooms are all about, without needing to tend to anyone. We think you will enjoy seeing our students in action!

May I Bring My Child to the First Observation?
No, please make other arrangements for this one-time appointment. We would love to meet him/her after you have completed the observation.

Does My Child Need Prior Montessori Experience?
Not necessarily, but especially in the elementary classrooms, prior Montessori experience will be very helpful, most notably in the area of mathematics.

Why Do Families Sign a Tuition Contract?
We set our budget (and teacher salaries) annually based on actual enrolled students. Sometimes a family will have to move for work or other reasons, and if this is the case, we may be able to allow for a mid-year departure without having to fulfill tuition responsibilities. This is done on a case-by-case basis and can be reviewed by our Board of Directors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Enrollment

Registration Process

Joyful Scholars Montessori enrolls students without regard to race, color, religion, gender, or national origin. All students are enrolled on a trial basis. The school reserves the right to ask a parent to withdraw a child from school if it is in the opinion of the staff and administrator that the child is not able to benefit from the program, or is a disturbing influence on the class.

Students are only admitted to JSM after a parent/guardian has completed
a classroom observation and school staff members have met the child.