Anni Hisey
Co-Founder and Upper Elementary Guide

Bethany Byington
Primary Guide

Keisha de Castaneda
Bilingual Elementary Assistant

Angelica has worked as a childcare provider and classroom assistant for many years. She holds a PreK Assistant Certificate from Guided Montessori Studies and has a passion for including bilingual singing and dancing in her careful and loving instruction. She got her start in Montessori at New Friend School, working with the beloved Martin Sorom until he passed away and she came to join Joyful Scholars. Angelica's family is her inspiration. Her husband Jose Luis directs a prominent Hispanic radio station in Wenatchee, and her daughter Miroslava (Betsy) works with him. Angelica draws from the painful experience of losing their precious two-year-old daughter years ago, who had special needs. She says this gave her the desire to work with other children, and she continues to share her enthusiasm and love with all her students.

Cara has been teaching elementary grades 1-3 since 2006.  A National Board Certified Teacher, Cara is passionate about Montessori education and recently added elementary Montessori certification to her repertoire, and was named a 2013 honoree of the Wenatchee World's 30 Under 35 award.  Her special interests include language acquisition, mathematics and science education. Cara enjoys working in the garden with her three children, Landin, Graysen, and Lila (not pictured), her husband Dustin and their dog, cat, and chickens.  Cara is delighted to fulfill her dream of building a safe, nurturing and engaging place for her children to learn to the best of their ability, while making life-long friends in the process. 

Kelly Silva
Upper  Elementary Assistant

Grace was raised in Wenatchee and moved away to support her husband who served in the United States Navy. After 8 years of Navy life Grace and her husband, Thomas, were excited to move to Wenatchee to raise their two sons, Sean and Nicholas. Along with two children they raise two dogs, one cat, and two ducks (Herbert and Sherbet). Grace had been inspired by her two sons to research the Montessori method and has since fallen in love. Shortly after moving to Wenatchee it was clear that Joyful Scholars was the perfect place for her family. In 2016 her oldest son, Sean, started his first year and  Grace began volunteering. In January 2018, Grace officially joined the Joyful Scholars team!

Grace Daniels
Primary Assistant

Jere Fowler
Wellness Education Director

Bethany is an education enthusiast and mom of many. She has seven children of her own -- five boys and two girls. Due to her large family, she is very familiar with the variety of personality types and learning styles that children have. She has homeschooled all of her children in some manner at various times. As a Montessori primary alumna herself, she is thrilled to be back in the classroom as the Primary Class Guide. Bethany is NAMC certified in Primary (3-6 years old). Additionally, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Bachelor of Science in Social Studies with a focus on family studies and psychology from Central Washington University. A summa cum laude graduate, Bethany applies her passion for learning to all she does in her classroom.

Kelly is a proud mama of Nicholas and Elisabeth, both of whom are extremely joyful Joyful Scholars. Kelly and her husband Leonard moved their family to Wenatchee in 2013, and consider it one of the best decisions they've ever made. They love experiencing the four seasons and taking part in many of the family-friendly activities the valley offers. As JSM's Primary Reading Guide, Kelly gets to combine two of her favorite things: working with children and sharing her love of reading. Prior to working at JSM, Kelly worked in an integrated special education preschool classroom and one-on-one with preschoolers with autism. She has held many positions at summer camps over the years, including everything from Counselor to Director of Logistics. She also has a background in banking, finance, and administration.

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Keisha has worked in bilingual settings over the last ten years. In addition to Spanish, Keisha is especially interested in encouraging critical thinking skills in all areas of school and daily life. She received her Early Childhood Education degree at WVC, spent a year in Spain, three years teaching English-immersion kindergarten in Ecuador, and a year co-teaching in a bilingual preschool in Seattle. A time as the student coordinator for an ESL tutoring program in Wenatchee introduced her to her Mexico-born husband. After teaching another year of bilingual preschool, she left to do her own in-home twin study. The concurrent in-home bilingual language development study was further enriched by the subsequent arrival of a singleton. Keisha is now greatly enjoying assisting in the Lower Elementary classroom at JSM. When not potty-training three little girls, she enjoys being active outdoors.  

Cara Hackenmiller
Co-Founder and Lower Elementary Guide

Angelica Guerrero
Bilingual Primary Assistant

Anni has been teaching since 1999, with a degree in classical Spanish and education, as well as WA State certification and a Montessori Upper Elementary certificate. A Reading Instruction Specialist, she also operates Academic Associates Learning Center of Wenatchee, and has helped hundreds of students in the area to become excellent readers. A 2012 honoree of the Wenatchee World's 30 Under 35 award, Anni enjoys volunteering, writing, and advocating for great education and parenting. She writes for the Wenatchee Mom Blog and also composes poetry, fantasy literature, and short stories. She can sometimes be spotted rollerblading on the loop and playing outdoors with her two daughters Seleah and Gianna, and their amazing dog Lola.